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24 December 2009 @ 07:48 pm
[fic] Daine/Alfred - sortinghat_rp  
Title: Bad Dreams and Gryffindor Colors
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Makeout tiems? Adorableness? My writing style deteriorating as we speak?
Summary: Daine's a little stressed out over dreams about a certain Quidditch Player. Who may or may not find her in the snow.

For the strangest kid on the block, feuillu.

It was peaceful, sitting outside, surrounded by animals.

At least, that’s what Daine thought, sitting in the snow outside of the castle. The squirrels at her feet chattered excitedly, telling her about all sorts of new information: who hadn’t eaten enough during the fall, who was planning mating with who. Even though they should be hiding- Daine had told them that they needed to conserve energy- they wanted to come and talk, try to cheer her up.

What’s the matter? They wondered, all looking up at her with interest in their small eyes. She laughed a bit, her warm breath making clouds in the air. “It’s nothing, I promise. I just had a bad night last night. My nest wasn’t warm enough, really. I didn’t get enough sleep.” The squirrels offered her all sorts of advice- how she should curl up with her family to get warmth. Daine politely declined: there wasn’t anyone she particularly wished to curl up with in her dorm; she doubted Ashley or Renge would appreciate it.

“It’s just…feelings. Human things. You wouldn’t understand.” In fact, the bad dreams and sleepless night had been relating to one person, one that Daine would have preferred to keep out of her head. Alfred was not someone she wished to dream about in that way- I was running my hands through his hair, we were so close together...

No. She shook her head. “No more thoughts about Alfred, honestly, I’m fine.” She reassured them. “You should go off, back to your nests. That’s better for you, you don’t want to freeze out here.” The squirrels went chattering off to their nests again, happy to be out of the cold. They were quick to forget the troubles of their human friend, something that made her happy. Daine pulled her knees up to her chest, smiling a bit. “Of course, Alfred, you invade my dreams. You and your blonde hair. It’s probably rough anyway. Why do I even care?” She spoke to herself softly, trying to put the dreams out of her head. It had been bad enough, every time she closed her eyes during class, that he had been right there, behind her eyelids. When she finished classes, she had escaped outside, to hide from those dreams that haunted her all day. But it wasn’t helping- sooner or later, she’d fall asleep again, and he’d be there. “It’s not right.”

“Daine?” As if on cue, Alfred was behind her, tapping her on the shoulder. She jumped slightly, turning to look up in shock. “Are you okay? You’re just kind of sitting here in the snow, it’s weird.” Alfred made a face and held his hand out to her. Daine took it and stood up.

“Sorry, I didn’t hear you coming. I was thinking.” He gave her another look, still holding onto her hand, and started to walk away. She was pulled after him, and he looked back at her.

“You were gonna come and watch the Quidditch practice, right? I mean, I usually don’t let people watch, but since you’re a Gryffindor…you’re not gonna tell everyone our secrets, right? Why else would you be sitting right in the path to the pitch?” Alfred kept walking and talking, still not looking where he was going. Daine laughed at his obsession with Quidditch and lack of common sense.

“No, of course not. I’m not willing to risk losing a friend for some Quidditch secrets.” Alfred looked relieved, and grinned at her, finally turning back around to look where he was going. She jogged a bit, to catch up with his fast stride. Soon, they were walking side by side, their feet making crunching noises in the snow that had fallen the night before. Daine felt her mind wandering and shook her head to clear her thoughts- when she looked at Alfred, he was still speaking.

“We’re going to win the next match!” Alfred concluded what apparently was a long speech about Quidditch with a grin. “What were you doing, sitting in the snow? I know you like animals, but it’s a little creepy to have them all around you like some kind of campfire or something.” He looked down at her, eyes gleaming with unanswered questions. It was just too coincidental, his being here and Daine’s dreams…she shivered at her sudden encounter. Was it karma or something? Alfred noticed her shivering and frowned. “You’re not cold, are you?” She tried to brush off the concern, but she found herself blushing under his gaze as he surveyed her lack of winter attire.

“A little,” she admitted. It wasn’t like she had planned this venture outdoors all that properly. She had no hat, gloves, or even a scarf- only had a light jacket that was made for sitting in classrooms, not in the snow. “Actually, I’m not a good planner at all. I just came out here kind of suddenly…there was no real reason.” She looked away from him, and kept walking. Suddenly, the tug on her arm made her turn around. Alfred was still standing in the same spot, holding onto her hand.

“It’s cool, you don’t have to tell me.” Alfred grinned, a goofy, show-off grin, coming closer to her. Grabbing the long scarf that hung around his neck, he pulled it off quickly, holding it out to Daine. She looked at it in surprise, wondering if she should take it. A moment’s hesitation was all he needed. Letting go of her hand, Alfred took the scarf and wrapped it around her neck slowly; taking a surprising amount of care to not get it tangled in her hair. The touch of his fingertips on her bare skin was so warm, it made Daine blush. Alfred felt her move under his touch, and slid his fingers away, looking at them briefly. She was so soft, far from what he’d expected of the girl who frolicked with the woodland creatures all day long. He’d never touched her before, excepting the occasional hug here and there. But this was different, somehow. The scarf was more personal.

“Thank you,” Daine said quietly. There was a silence then, sitting in the air between them uncomfortably. She realized why soon enough- they were both holding their breath. She gasped just as Alfred did, and they laughed slightly, aware of their closeness and the awkward silence. Suddenly, his hand moved to her face, touching her cheek. It was a strange sensation- his fingertips and the leather of the flying gloves touching her face at the same time. But his fingers were warm, like Daine expected it to be after the last touch. Warm, like some kind of sun. She felt her hand come up to meet his, placing itself on top. Her body was on autopilot as she looked into his eyes.

“You’re...really pretty. You know, for a girl and all.” It was soft, so quiet that Daine almost didn’t catch it. Alfred’s face flushed lightly, and she smiled, taking his hand off of her face and placing it on her waist before wrapping her arms around his neck. Alfred fumbled for a few seconds, before finally closing the distance between their lips. His kiss was rough, and Daine felt herself leaning into him, kissing him back with equal intensity. She kept her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, if it was possible.

It was electric, his reaction. Their bodies were touching in ways Daine hadn’t imagined before, or certainly not with Alfred. He moved his hands, spreading them across her back, and she wondered if her dream had really compared to this. This was…real, and she felt her hands pull at Alfred’s hair, tangling themselves in the blond strands.

“I love that,” he breathed as they let each other go, slightly. She laughed breathlessly- who could ever really catch their breath?- and pulled him back for another kiss. Alfred’s hand moved into her own hair, catching in the curls and making her head ache in a pleasant way. The moment seemed to last forever, their bodies curling in around each other, hands exploring unfamiliar places.

Suddenly- were those voices? The tramping of many sets of feet and joyful laughter was heard over the soft sounds of the surrounding snow. Daine and Alfred pulled apart, their fingers pulling small pieces of hair away from each other’s heads. They looked at each other quickly, two sets of blue eyes longing to continue what they started. Finally, Daine reached up and smoothed down Alfred’s ruffled hair as best she could, undoing the damage her fingers had made.

“Hey Alfred!” Voices came from behind them, making the pair jump. The rest of the Quidditch team appeared over a rise, all looking in their direction. “You were the one who called this practice, so stop messing around!” Chie’s voice rang through the air, followed by more shouts of agreement. “Who are you snogging?” Botan’s curiosity broke through the air as well. Daine felt herself turning bright red, and cautiously edged toward the small clearing where she had been sitting with the animals as the rest of the team approached, still yelling cat calls.

“Coming!” Alfred yelled to them, stepping away from Daine. He looked back at her over his shoulder, and she was gone, running back into a hiding spot. The only thing he could see of her was his scarf, red as fire, blazing through the trees. As she ran, she smiled, though he couldn’t see that. She was happy he couldn’t see her grinning.

“His hair really was soft, after all.” She mused to herself as she ran, pulling threads of blond hair out from between her fingers. It was something she’d never forget again.